Audit4j 2.2.0 Release Announcement.

The Audit4j Project is pleased to announce the availability of the  release – Audit4j 2.2.0, An open-source auditing framework for Java.

This release contains following features in core module.

* Ignore Audit annotation.
* Audit4j enable, disable api.
* Event filtering api.

This release contains bug fixes in following areas .

* Annotation processor.
* IO api

In-adition, below plugins are released along with the core module.

* Spring Integration.



This release supports Java version 1.7 and above.



This release has been ported to many UNIX (and UNIX-like) platforms including Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD and most commercial UNIX systems.  The release has also been ported to other platforms including Apple MacOS, IBM zOS, and Microsoft Windows NT/2000/xp/vista/7/8 etc.



This software is available under the Apache2 License.

This software is available in the maven central repository as a dependency.

Download information is available at:



audit4j-core 2.2.0 is compatible with audit4j-spring-2.2.0, and  audit4j-db-1.1.1 modules.

All users of Audit4j, especially those using earlier Audit4j 2.1.0 release are advised to upgrade to this release as soon as possible.



The project maintains a FAQ which you may find useful:

To report bugs, please use project’s Issue Tracking System:

The Audit4j home page containing lots of interesting information
and online documentation is available at this URL:

Copyright Janith Bandara. All Rights Reserved.