Audit4j 2.3.1 Release Announcement.

The Audit4j Project is pleased to announce the availability of the release – Audit4j 2.3.0 and 2.3.1, An open-source auditing framework for Java.

This release contains following features in core module.

  1. Additional option (performance/security) api.
  2. Classpath scanning processor for annotations and avoid unwanted annotation process.
  3. ScanAnnotated command and option.
  4. Date time formatter api.
  5. Use reflections to get parameters of an Object – Implement toString.
  6. Prompt initialization time in mills.
  7. Added error guide urls for missing error prone codes.
  8. External configuration file path support
  9. HTTP WEB-INF config filepath support.
  10. Servlet Context listener for configurations and init/stop context.
  11. Servlet 3 Context listener configuration support.

This release contains bug fixes in following areas .

  1. Fixed Issue: Remove mandetory meta data validation.
  2. Fixed issue: filters are not loaded to configuration context.
  3. Fixed issue: @IgnoreAudit annotation processor getting an exception.
  4. Config file path invalid validation.

In-adition, below plugins are released along with the core module.

  1. Spring Integration.
  2. Database Handler.
  3. CDI Integration.
  4. HTTP Integration.



This release supports Java version 1.7 and above.



This release has been ported to many UNIX (and UNIX-like) platforms including Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD and most commercial UNIX systems. The release has also been ported to other platforms including Apple MacOS, IBM zOS, and Microsoft Windows NT/2000/xp/vista/7/8 etc.



This software is available under the Apache2 License.

This software is available in the maven central repository as a dependency.

Download information is available at:



audit4j-core 2.3.1 is compatible with audit4j-spring-2.3.1, and audit4j-db-2.3.1 and audit4j-cdi-2.3.1 modules.

All users of Audit4j, especially those using earlier Audit4j 2.2.0 release are advised to upgrade to this release.



The project maintains a FAQ which you may find useful:

Project documentation can be accessed at this link:

To report bugs, please use github Issue Tracking System:

The Audit4j home page containing lots of interesting information
and online documentation is available at this URL:

Copyright Janith Bandara. All Rights Reserved.