Database Audit Handler

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Database audit handler supports to capture audit records with popular databases(MySQL, Oracle, etc.). HSQLDB is embedded in to the database audit handler, so you can integrate it without configuring any other database.


Before start the configuration you should refer the configuration section in the audit4j documentation.

Following line should be added under handler: section in the audit4j.conf.yml file.

- !org.audit4j.handler.db.DatabaseAuditHandler{}

After this configuration Audit4j will record audit events in the embedded database. Database file will automatically create in the class path. If you want to configure any other database please see Database Configuration section below.

 Database Configuration (Optional)

If you want to configure any other database, you should disable the embedded. other configurations are usual connection parameters.

- !org.audit4j.handler.db.DatabaseAuditHandler
embeded: false
db_driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
db_url: jdbc:mysql://localhost/audit4j
db_user: username
db_password: password